Better be Charlie Puth

I want to talk about this new young artist call Charlie Puth , it’s a singer that like many artisr of our generation make know themselves on youtube, on 2009 he opened his own youtube channel where he started to make and put some cover ‘s like Chandelier of Sia and Someone like you of Adele and thanks to this cover he accomplish 2011 to attire the attention of Ellen DeGeneres she was very attract from his voice and she signed him on her label eleveneleven

Then he signed with Atlantic Records and he started to work on his first debut album , and in 2015 he launch the first debut single in collaboration with Meghan Trainor called Marvin Gaye its a good and fresh song who make in evidence the amazing doti vocal of Charlie

And now he have collaborate with Wiz Khalifa in see you again for the fast and furious film and the song is a tribute to Paul Walker

i like he’s voice and he is very talented i’m sure he will go far, what do you think?


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