Better eat clean

Wish i had a fridge like this! I’m reading different things on the net about eat clean and also i want to share with you what i’m learning with my personal trainer and in my gym journey

eat clean is a lifestyle and not a diet, so it means that eat clean it’s a sustainable lifestyle eating clean food (free from pollution, contamination) and natural, existing and caused by nature not by man ,with no extra substance or chemical or artificial things. The things is to eat mostly food derived from plants fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds in general, minimally-processed foods are higher in vitamins and minerals and contain fewer potentially harmful substances

-Exists in nature;
Free of food additives and other man-made substances;
Free of growth hormones and antibiotics;
Lacks added sugar, sodium, and fat;
Lacks food preservatives and other stabilizers;
Naturally high in vitamins and minerals;
Promotes optimal physical and mental health;
Doesn’t encourage food dependence or food addiction;

this mean that i’m saying goodbye to coca cola ice cream chips pizza kebab , it will be difficult but i had to be motivated


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