Better be Eleutheromaniac


After different tentatives to try to make it big in the music industry Neon Hitch decided still to continue. She’s a very talented girls, original and with her own music style and she will launch her debut album “Eleutheromaniac” the 11 May, independently since she’s not anymore signed with Warner Bros. Eleutheromaniac it’s a mid tempo pop with an oneiric and electronic sound , this song is very different from the song that you can find now  and for me it’s a bomb , we will see if it will have a good impact on the chart!

i didn’t know what Eleutheromaniac mean and i find the definition Having a passionate mania for freedom/A person that has such a mania

this is the tracklist of the album


Yard Sale
Where’s Ya Mamma
Wall Street
Air Streams
Fresh Out the Box
London (feat. Jon Bellion)
Eleutheromaniac (feat. Bash)
Like Fruit
Salt & Honey
No Angels

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