Better be The 100

I present you my new obsession. the tv series The 100 “The hundred”

This film can be similar to the Hunger Games or The Divergent , i call it a survival genre film and i really like films where there is young people who have to survive

since Netflix and company has arrived now you have the possibility to watch different kind of films and it’s kind of cool i’m discovering amazing series

In a post apocaliptic future where the humans left are forced to live in a spaceship in the space, 100 youngs who have like some criminal precedent ( steal contraband etc) were sent down to the heart to see if the heart is possible to live there again.

Once they arrived, the 100 they discover that is possible to live in the earth, they have some bracelets electronic which registered if they re alive and they decide to took it out once ant once make like if they were dying only to stress the people up there. Then they realize that people start to die really and they realize that there are other people living there ,and there is a tribe of savage people called “The Grounders”

The Hundred, is faithful to the style of The CW ( who realized masterpiece like Gossip Girl & The Vampire Diaries) in this series you will find the contrast good and bad .. there is Jaha wise chancellor against Kane the bad chancellor and he is thirst of power. And there is Bellamy the leader who is rebel and without fear and Murphy who is the bad of the group

and also the girl : Clarke she’s a very intelligent girl, Octavia in the beginning she is the object of desire of all the boys but in the and we will see a mutation of her personality and attitude

and also Abby the mother of Clarke , she worrying so much about her daughter clarke


The adults in this telefilm who have the responsibility of this hundred guys are not so much responsible , the blame each others and take bad decisions

The main character of this series  are this young criminals , but plot twist after plot twist , the game change and we will see that the power in this film is owned by the female characters.

Those womens are stubborn and they never give up, they know to be in the truth, they admit they errors, they conduce, they win, they loose, they love

The young guys will have to fight against many situation

The series is based on the romance The 100 of Kass Morgan and adapted for the television by Jason Rothenberg

I really like this series , it have a lot of tension scenes and it keep you interested , i’m looking forward for the next season




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