Besciamella light

400 g of milk

50 gr of farina

2 tablespoon of oil


Black pepper

Erba cipollina

Noce moscata

Then warm milk in a pan. Add some salt and nutmeg. Melt in another pen the farina and oil grams of butter  and stirring under low heAt. Add the milk to the flour mix, and stir the mixture until it thickens. Then add cutted erba cipollina

Pangrattato aromatizzato

Mix pangrattato in a mixer with dome lemon peel, Black pepper salt lemon skin paprika powder basilico prezzemolo origano alloro some minth leaves a little piece of onion, you can put what you want and mix it

Wash and cut fennel the boil it in salt water for 10 min and put it in a pen with little bit of butter for 10-15 min then put it in an oven pen and put the besciamella on top and the parmigiano and put it in oven 200 degrees 20/25 min til it have a Crosta on top

Take the fish put the mix on top and put some oil and in the oven 200 for 12 min

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