When you think about greek food you will problably think about the famous salad with tomatos , cucumber olives and feta right? Well, it’s time to open your horizons on the specialty gastronomic of that amazing place who is Greece.

You should try what is the most popular greek soup, l’Avgolémono which means “egg and lemon” This soup is a typical dish of greek cuisine home , and it’s good in the winter, i know we are not in the winter but i wanted to made it since i tried once to my friend house and today i wanted something acidic. You can make this recipe with a day in advance and you can eat with some slice of bread

Chicken breast

1 white onion

2 carrots

2 costa di sedano

2 alloro leaves


2 gloves of garlic

some paprika chopped

1 teaspoon of salt

1 little bit of mixed pepper

2 eggs

3 tablespoon of farina

2 lemons

some rice

Extra virgin oil


Put in a pen the big onion, 2 sedano, 2 carote, 2 garlic, 1paprika chopped the prezzemolo the alloro leaves , the mix of pepper the salt and oil and fill of water, put on fire and make it boil since the chicken its well cooked

take out the pen from fire, took out the chicken and cut it in pieces and put it in warm

take out the vegetables from the stock and take a part 2 mestoli and put it again on the fire and add the rice and make it cook


in the meantime make the eggs and lemon juice  and farina in a bowl and put on it the stock you put a part and continue to mix  it have to be a dense cream

and stir it nicely. be careful to not make it bowl it if not u will make a omelette

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