Better be positive/ pursue your dream

  I’ve been overflowing with ideas all weekend and I wanted to leave you with something positive! As we grow up and get older, as time speeds up, as loved ones leave this earth, it’s becoming even more imperative for me to live what I love. I see no point in waiting for tomorrow, or next year, or 10 years from now. Why not today? Granted, some things do take planning + resources – actionable steps to reach the end goal, but what I’m saying is, why all of the excuses? Why not begin to pursue your greatness today?

Live your own life: just live your own life and make your own decisions,  not wasting times thinking about opinions of other peoples . We should live the moment cause the present is a gift and we should enjoy the people around us, the good people of course

Fight for your dreams It’s so easy to want to give up and just ride the wave through life. But what if you decided to fight and pursue your desires? Can you imagine the outcome? What about the inspirational story that you’ll leave behind? By pursuing your own greatness, you have an opportunity to inspire others to do the same – just by living your life + doing your own thing.
And make in a way that things BEtter be a hit

 Everything is possible. Lately I spend time worrying about where I am and where I wish I could be. But when I sit back and reflect on where I started, I know that all things are possible with God. I came here in September with the dream of make it in the music, I had the chance to work with an amazing producer and to find a manager, everything happened so fast and I feel very lucky , even if now there are still some delayed to launch my song , I don’t give up , I know what is my goal and it better be a hit. (He has a plan for my life and your life too! I’m thankful that I know Jesus and that with hard work and faith in Him, I’ll reach my goals. You will reach your goals too! Maybe you don’t believe in god )

Love eachoter : and spread positivism do good things and good things will return back . 

I like this quote,  pursue your own life and Always be in competition with yourself to do better, live better and love harder. Weave your own dream and use the power within you to make those dreams come true. Be a dream chaser and then take actions to realize those dreams. Always believe in yourself. 

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