Better be bag

A bag for every man, yes cause there is different personality of man,i’m in love with my snapback i used to bring it with me everywhere, it’s essential for me

choosing the right bag can be confusing and intimidating. There are lot of options to choose from  colours, materials and sizes and  price too.

it depend from different aspects of men’s style, practicality, functionality and masculinity are contributing factors to selecting the perfect bag

Here 4 kind of bags  extremely suitable if you are stylish gentleman

The Duffel bag/ Holdall


this  should really be your go-to and  it can perform multiple functions on a daily basis while still retaining an element of style.

It’s ideal for the gym goer who likes to keep their gear close to hand. The perfect companion for the weekenders who exclusively carry-on. And for anyone who tries to live anything resembling an interesting life outside of work, it’s basically your portable wardrobe.

Pick one that is a medium size not too small nor too big and if possible opt for a leather version in brown. Leather is more versatile than canvas, especially when it comes to selecting an all purpose bag, and will go with most looks you put together


The briefcase



They are sleeker, slimmer and less boxy, which makes them ideal for the modern gentleman who only ever needs to carry around his laptop and a hand full of papers.

If you work in an environment that requires you to wear a suit, I’d suggest purchasing one in black leather. Anywhere else, try one in canvas for a more casual yet completely non-feminine look.

The Backpack


i love backpacks is my personal favorite they are  Hands free, minimal fuss and surprisingly capable of holding a fair amount of stuff, it’s the ideal choice for a sartorial student, casual man or every day bike rider.

The tote


It’s great because it can carry a huge amount of supplies – laptop, camera, magazines, notepads, spare shoes, spare shirt, accessories – and all in what is essential a giant portable pocket! What’s not to like about that? Us guys do love stuffing things into our pockets after all.

However, I do understand that it is the most feminine on this list, Another way to counteract this is to opt for a version where the handles are long enough to be carried over your shoulder rather than in your hand.




so here ,4 bags  tell me what you think and what you prefer and why

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