Better be Pool Party

Summer is coming, and probably you will be invited at a pool party and you don’t know what to wear? Deciding what to wear to any party can be tough, but pool parties are particularly tricky. You want to look good, but you also want to be comfortable and take into account the fact you’ll be in and out of the water. Need some ideas? From shades to sunhats, i’m sharing some thing that i would wear for a pool party

The Tanning, surely you wouldn’t want to show yourself at a pool party with a pale skin, the tanning will not just make you look better but also help you hide any body imperfections.A tips, If you are white, get tanned gradually. Don’t try to get dark in one session because it can get even worse

Choose the right swimwear 


I préfère to choose monochrome swimwear and not all this tacky colorful swimwear,Don’t ever wear a long board short in a pool; and maybe not even in a beach unless you are surfing. The length of your short is very important as well. Don’t wear anything too baggy and long. A more fitted swim trunk will always be your best choice; but be careful so it doesn’t look tight. The length of the swim trunk should be above your knee. Anything above your knee should be fine; some guys like it a little shorter and others not so much.


Canotte: I like to wear canotte during the summer is good beacuase and i like the canottas , if you are in good shape is very good cause they evidence your chest shoulders and abs






Acessories complete the look ,In this case even more because you will be wearing less clothes so the accessories will give that extra detail you want. I would go for something not too flashy ,A thin bracelet and small pendant necklace will be good.




A bag

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the beach and instead of having a bag with me, I decided to go without anything so I wouldn’t have something to carry around. What happened? REGRET! Bags are not only for girls, if you know how to choose the right one, it will be handy and will save the day.

A backpack or a tote bag are the two I would wear to one of these occasions.

What bring with you

collage profumo ciabatte occhiali cappello espadrillas ecc

It is very important for you to protect yourself against the sun.

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