Better be burritos project

Since the music is taking a little time for my music to be launched and also it’s difficult to live from that ( but we never know we cross the fingers for let me see you dance to become s hit) I start to look for a job.. And since I like to cook and experiment with food I wanted to work in a restaurant of quality who use natural products and made everything .. I’ve been lucky cause I started to work at burritos project it’s a restaurant open from a couple of New Yorkers based in Oslo , the restaurant it’s in the amazing location in steen of strom in the food court , I’m very happy to work there the people are met are very nice, we are making everything natural and made by us

My first day I wake up at 6.50 took a shower eat my porridge and then I went at the shop, I was excited and stressed a little bit and a boy called Magnus who work there since the beginning came to pick me up and show me everything he is very nice , than Knut the manager Came and we started to work.. It’s very interesting what we do there and the recipies we do I’m learning new things …

Our burritos are very good we have different kind of things

And also I drinked this juice it’s carrot ginger and it’s amazing it’s all natural 

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