Better be soft 7

I HAVE NO WORDS! On Thursday I went with a friend to the new Ecco Soft 7 shoes Launch party. It was at the trendy White light studios here in Oslo. When we arrived we were greeted by a girl called Rebecca, the girl who sent me the invitation so we finally got to meet and she was very nice, and she gave me a goodie bag with a new pair of Ecco Soft 7 all for me! Wow they looked amazing so i decided to wear them immediately, they were size 45 and I was scared they would be too tight, but they were perfect.

The location was really cool, with a black & white theme and good lighting which really worked well with the shoes.
There were already some guests there when i arrived , with champagne and nice food being served, and a really nice ambiance.

I started to break the ice and met some new people, and also some other bloggers too.

I had the opportunity to also meet representatives from Ecco, and they already knew about better be a hit. I received very good feedback which i really appreciate, and they were very nice.
And I hope in the future I get to collaborate more with the Ecco brand because the shoes are very cool and all the young people better start wearing them!

After a while they went on the podium to present the shoes with some models beside them and also showed the video clip of the commercial.

Then the dj started and we started to dance. 
I had a really nice time and I’m thankful again for this opportunity given to me by Ecco.

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