Better be Sunday Funday

Today I met my friend Benedecta, and we went in Bjorvika to take some pictures. Later on, we met with some friends of ours and we ate a Nigerian dish called Joloff rice, it was so good.
The friend of ours have a beautiful child called David he was amazing and I had nice time with him. Isn’t he adorable?

Jack & Jones bomber // Weekday jeans // Converse shoes 


13 thoughts on “Better be Sunday Funday”

      1. There was Asun, and some fish but I am not sure what it was called! There was rice as well! The goat was delicious! No I haven’t tried Ivorian food…..just looked it up…..Would love to try it…..just not sure where I would find it in Toronto!

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  1. Great photos as always! Yes, he is adorable. When I was at Walt Disney World, I ate at this restaurant that had egg on top with ground beef on the bottom. I tried lots of different seasoned meats. I think it was called Boka or Boku.

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      1. No, I haven’t. That was the name of the restaurant. I was surprised there weren’t a lot of breads. I thought bread was a universal food. There were spices I had never experienced! It was nice though. 😊

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