Better be skincare routine #1

I recently ran out of my usual skincare and shaving products and I decided to take advantage of trying out new brands.


For my skin, I stick with what I know and explore more products made with certified shea butter. I started to use the 100% African Shea Butter from Kuza Naturals because lately, my  skin started to looking a bit dry , and I wanted something to combat that. 

Today I have received the Bad Norwegian products: the facial cream, the rejuvenating facial cream and the wash face. I’ve heard very good things about they’re products and I really can’t wait to use them and share with you my experience. 

See more at



When it comes to shaving I experiment with different products,  so right now I’m using the shave cream from Eos and after that I apply the Bump Stopper.
Do any of you have suggestions on some amazing products to try out ? 

Let me know !

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