Better be Under Armour

I’ve been recently introduced to Under Armour an American athletic apparel designed for athletes.
I got a black sleeve t shirt, a pair of shorts a waterproof hodies and a pair of running shoes.

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The pieces are really just good, they’re made with an incredible amount of innovation. You can say goodbye to those stinky, too sweaty post gym clothes because the shirt naturally wicks sweat and eliminates odors.

My Under Armour hoodie repels rain and snow and it allow me to go out for a run in a rainy day, so cool!

There’s a saying that goes like this: Give me the right shoes and i’m gonna run all around the world.
Seriously those shoes are wow, my feet gonna tell you that they are ultra light weight, they really do feel like nothing.

My heart will tell you that they look so fashionable as well!

I wanted to show some love to a brand that I’m so happy I stumbled upon. If you get a minute, check out their site . Guy It’s about time to retire those college gym shorts, right?
Check they’re website
Special thanks to Press Kontakterna Oslo


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