Better be skincare routine #1

I recently ran out of my usual skincare and shaving products and I decided to take advantage of trying out new brands.


For my skin, I stick with what I know and explore more products made with certified shea butter. I started to use the 100% African Shea Butter from Kuza Naturals because lately, my  skin started to looking a bit dry , and I wanted something to combat that. 

Today I have received the Bad Norwegian products: the facial cream, the rejuvenating facial cream and the wash face. I’ve heard very good things about they’re products and I really can’t wait to use them and share with you my experience. 

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When it comes to shaving I experiment with different products,  so right now I’m using the shave cream from Eos and after that I apply the Bump Stopper.
Do any of you have suggestions on some amazing products to try out ? 

Let me know !

Better be Issey Miyake

Finally!! Today I bought my favorite perfume in the perfume department at Steen & Strøm. I bought Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake.
I have loved this scent since I was a child. I´ve usully used Eau d ‘Issey pour homme, but this time I actually took the Eau de Parfum for women. I also bought the deodorant with the same scent and the body perfum spray for men.

I have to say that I really like the minimalistic packaging and the bottle. In my opinion, this perfume smells very fresh and different from the others. It´s also a very big hit among the ladies.

Have you ever tried it?  What is your favorite perfume?


Better be Foreo #2

I took my time to write this review because I wanted to truly try it out for sometime before I gave my final opinion. 

For those of you who don’t know what a Forei is it’s a professional cleaning device used by women, men, bloggers. I’ve actually never read or seen a bad review on the Foreo and anyone who I spoke to about it was raving about the deep-cleanse. There are many similar machines available on the market, but the Foreo for me is the ‘Queen bee“, and I think if it’s got to do with your skin  get one.

I must say that the Foreo Mini it’s seriously bringing benefits to my skin ! I have a very oily skin with blackheads and white heads in the nose and chin area , this is a thing that i have always tried to treat with scrubs and patches but with no success and it’s a thing that made me feel uncomfortable , cause our face it’s our visit card.
My skin felt fantastic already after the second use, no whiteheads in the nose and chin area ,i felt my skin very smooth and clean. 
Foreo Luna Mini it’s small and rounded in shape and it’s also curved to fit the hand comfortably and it’s also waterproof .

The bristles are made of silicone and are located on both the front and back of the device.

Let’s talk about what makes the Foreo a hit from the other’s devices:

the Foreo uses silicone technology. 

Why is this important? 

 bacteria cannot easily stick to silicone, that’s why doctor’s offices and hospitals use forms of silicone in their equipment. The Foreo uses vibration to expel dirt from the pores. 

  On the front, the top portion is meant for the nooks and crannies of the face, like the nose. The rest of the bristles on the front are for a nice general scrub down on the face, and the back is for deep pore cleaning and this is what I use most

Since I have my baby I feel more motivated to clean my skin because I’m seeing results and  I use HALF the amount of cleanser I was using with my fingers, so you save product. 

 I highly reccomend you to buy one, it’s a good investment after all i think everybody needs foreo

Better be Foreo

Yesterday morning, I went to an event for the launching of FOREO in Norway.
 It´s a Swedish brand that makes facial cleansing and anti-aging devices that can help you to have a radiant and good looking skin just in a few days. 

The devices LUNA and Luna Mini are about to get launched in Norway and will be sold in VITA stores all over Norway.

The event was in a really nice location in Nedre gate at Grünerløkka and it was organized by Polhem PR. 

 When I arrived, there were other bloggers and journalists there too.

 The Key account manager of FOREO, was presenting the product and showed us how to use it. 

At the end of the presentation we were invited to eat an amazing breakfast they had prepared and I also received a goodie bag with the LUNA and LUNA Mini so I can test it at home.

I really can’t wait to try this device and share with you my experience using the LUNA. 
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Photos credit :  © Fashion in Oslo 2015