Better be Pink

Who said men can’t wear pink? Last weekend look when me and Silvia were running around in the city before we met up with other friends for dinner and wine at Colonel Mustard here in Oslo.

Sweatshirt – HERE / Jeans – HERE/ Shoes- HERE / Bag – HERE



The new collection is so next LEVEL!

Yesterday after work I’ve been to the H&M’s showroom to see the collection BALMAIN x H&M. I felt in love with the entire collection and I have to admit this is the best collaboration H&M did until now.

The ambiance was very nice and it was a good occasion for me to meet new people, I met the singer Sandra Lyng she was so nice. I stayed at the event some hours and before I left they gave me a goodie bag ­čśŐ, I will show you soon what I’ve got. 

Now I really can’t wait to buy my favorite pieces from the collection, I remember you guy that the collection will be available the 5 th of November, you better save the date!


Better Be Balmain x H&M



Recently Balmain a top fashion house has teamed up with H&M on a collection and it will be available on November the 5th.

I still haven’t made my permanent selection and it’s driving me crazy, since I’ll definitely go bankrupt if I’ll buy everything that’s on my wish list. 

Credit photos: HAO VU

Better shave

I suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps  and a lot of man have to deal with that. This especially for black men because we have body hairs that are predominantly curly and wiry.

This condition causes  discomfort in the beard and neck area and can affect black men for years and years at a time.

I tried many creams and lotion in that area ┬ábut they are not working , and I’m really looking for a treatment , I tried also an antibiotic cream but no way

These are tips that I want to share with you  to prevent shaving bumps and ingrown hairs.

-Wet the skin with hot water to open up the pores before shaving.

-Exfoliating with a gentle scrub like Microfine Face Scrub removes the top layer of dead cells and allows hairs to grow out more easily. It also helps soften skin, clears pores and evens out patchy skin tones.
-Use a thick lather of shaving cream to protect the skin.
-Always use a sharp razor blade in a high-quality razor.
-Shave in the direction that the hair grows.
-Press a cold damp cloth against the face after shaving to close the pores back up.

I hope to find a remedy soon!

Are you guys having this problems? Have you found a remedy?


Better be Weekdays

Yesterday i went to Weekdays it’s Very close to ┬ámy work, and i never been there before , so after my work at 16 i decided to go there and take a look, actually they have nice things, i really like their jeans and i decided to take blue denim it’s s kind of jeans i always like to have in my wardrobe , and I took a long white t-shirt and a bomber. I really ┬álike this padded bomber, and I prefered to chose the light brown instead of the black one