Better selfie fables

what kind of photo will post disney character if they use instagram? its what she have think to imagine the italian graphic designer simon bonafini with this illustration called selfie fables

i think its very funny ahahaha

to watch the other click here


hi guys… i’m a big fan os scandinavian pop music and i love it… i think norway last year have make good things in the music internationally with nico and vine martin tungeevag broiler ecc.. and maybe who know my single #letmeseeyoudance could make something good too

one day i would like to collaborate with Alexandra jones , i like her unique style and her music and she seem also a nice girl i didn’t have yet the possibility to met her but i hope soon, it’s one of my proposal

as i said in other post she’s going o melody grand prix with the song Cinderella produce by erik smaaland the producer of my song “letmeseeyoudance” i wish them good luck!


the other i would like is eric saade is see together make a pop banger song i like his music and he is also partecipting at melody grand festivalent with the song sting