Better be patterned shirts

I love shirts and a shirt with some stylish details make the entire outfit, don’t you agree? 

I wanted to show you my favorites ones and I suggest to invest more in patterns and color.

This is my shirt from JACK & JONES I bought last month.

Shop -> 1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE // 5. HERE // 6. HERE // 7. HERE // 8. HERE

Better be Army Green

Right now bloggers and editors are seemingly obsessed with army green, using the olive-inspired shade to add a utilitarian touch to their looks
I bought last week an army green sweatshirt from Nikolaj d’Etoiles and I really like it.

If you too are looking for cool ways to start styling army green into your wardrobe, here some inspirations.

Shop items -> 1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE // 5. HERE // 6. HERE // 7. HERE
Credits: StyleCaster

Better be kitchen

The kitchen is where the magic happens in a home. Redecorating or just looking for inspiration for your kitchen? Here is 6 inspirational kitchens


Better be completed

I have just completed my workout journey with my personal trainer. We started together on the 21st April when I weighed 107 kg and my goal was to loose fat and gain muscle and definition. We really started to work hard from day one, and today was our final workout session after 4 months, and I now weigh in at 87kg. I’m really happy with the results that we have obtained and I now feel comfortable with myself, and strong, both mentally and physically, because the gym gives me not only a physical workout, but also a mental workout. Now I have to keep myself motivated with going to the gym every day , and also eat healthy. When working, I try to not always eat the burrito but instead opt for the salad that we also make. 

My journey goes to show that nothing is impossible, if we really want it.